Why Should You Start a Business in the DMCC?

  • April 30, 2024

Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC) lies in the heart of Dubai as it is considered as a beacon of opportunities for businesses and investors that are looking to thrive in a global market. DMCC is considered as a home of opportunities as it has become one of the leading free trade zones which not only provides a strategic location but also a business-friendly environment. This is a prime strategic location for potential investors that are aiming to launch a successful venture.    

If DMCC is more attractive to you than any other free zone in Dubai, we are sure you would want to know everything before making any decisions. In this article we will address all your concerns and doubts by sharing snippets of information that can prove beneficial before setting up a licensed business setup in DMCC Dubai.  


DMCC is an award winner free zone as it is one of the most diverse free zones in Dubai. In this zone, entrepreneurs are welcomed with open arms as they are provided with complete ownership of their business. UAE free zone business setup is an unparalleled combination of top commodities with a state-of-the-art commercial property that makes it an attractive opportunity for foreign investors. The business setup in DMCC Dubai is suitable as it is an efficient choice that has a speedy registration process for the company without any hassle and provides ownership of the company at the same time. DMCC is a legally established company in a free zone setup. DMCC is a home for more than 22,000 people and over 600 businesses including technology, health, education, etc. Types of DMCC Companies 

DMCC companies can be of three types:

  1. Individual

The individual company is owned by a single or multiple shareholders.

  1. Joint Venture

A joint venture in a UAE free zone business setup that is owned by a combination of an individual and company.

  1. Subsidiary

A subsidiary company is owned by another company However, it may carry out any different business as compared to the parent company.

Everything you need to know about DMCC Benefits 

One of the major advantages of DMCC registered companies is gaining full ownership of the company by the foreigners. At the same time, the members have a full exemption from personal and corporate tax for at least fifty years. Other key benefits that are associated with DMCC include, fast and hassle-free registration process of the company, a central location that provides an easy access to suitable accommodations and public transport, an extensive choice of facilities including offices that provides a suitable workplace, supports the process of immigration and labor visa, etc. All these benefits that are associated with DMCC free zone has given a fiscal freedom which enhances profit margins and instills confidence among investors to make decisions. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Start your business in DMCC Free Zone

DMCC Free zone is a beacon of opportunities located in the heart of Dubai which makes it the perfect place to set up your business. One of the most attractive aspects of DMCC is its free zone comfort that allows investors to be liberated of taxation. It’s perfect location attracts diverse trading routes and seamless access to clients and suppliers grants a perfect trading opportunity to the investors. Let’s explore the reasons why you should start a business in DMCC Free Zone:


Easy Setup & Registration

The business setup in Dubai free zone requires easy and hassle-free registration that can be done online. Once the online application is approved you will be required to meet the authorities for free zone business setup to make things official and sign all the legal documentation. However, it is important to remember that at this stage you should be working alongside with a good business setup that not only facilitates an easy setup but also guides you throughout the process of registrations and afterwards. If everything goes as planned, your process will be completed within 2 weeks at most and by that time you will have a business of your own to look forward to in future. As for the setup cost, it takes a minimum amount of AED 100,000 for UAE Free Zone business setup. This cost includes setup fees as well as the capital which can be withdrawn later at any time. With a free zone business setup, you are allowed to run your business independently without any interference. 

Industry Specific Benefits

As a free zone business setup, the business is exempted from import/export duties which also exempts the business from taxation. However, there are several industries specific benefits too which have a significant impact on the overall economy of the country. DMCC has a remarkable reputation in trading setups. With the launch of DMCC Crypt center 2021, it is now the hub of the largest crypto and blockchain setup around the globe. It offers a variety of licenses and crypto setups with access to over 22,000 companies and programs that fund major crypto events at business setups in free zone Dubai.  DMCC has backed Dubai Diamond Exchange which has specified Dubai as the third largest trader in the diamond industry. This distinction has provided Dubai with a status that companies that trade within DMCC are bound to full security and a ethical code of business. 


In the ever-growing global market tapestry, there are only a few places that shine as bright as the Dubai Mall Commodities Center. The strategic location, free zone benefits, taxation free policy and full ownership of the business the investors are now interested in DMCC Free zone business setup more than ever. DMCC offers global and local investors the chance to turn their dream business into a reality without any hassle. For those who are looking to make bold investment choice, DMCC is not a journey but a destination that provides countless opportunities that lead to unparallel success in future. Ask yourself today, are you ready to unlock the door to a successful business in the heart of Dubai? 



  1. What does DMCC offer to businesses?

DMCC offers a range of benefits to the investors including full ownership of the business, a strategic location, tax exemption and industry specific services that benefit both the investors and the overall economy of the country. 


  1. How do I set up a business in DMCC?

DMCC provides a proper guideline to a UAE free zone business setup. From the selection of a suitable infrastructure to documentation, you will have a hassle process to apply online and by choosing a company to help you with it, you can avoid any additional hassle.


  1. What type of businesses can operate in the DMCC?

Primarily, DMCC is focused on business commodities in trading, However, it has opened the doors to free zone business setup in Dubai for sectors like, healthcare, technology, etc.


  1. Can DMCC established businesses have access to other financial opportunities?

Yes, DMCC provides access to numerous business and financial opportunities through venture capital and investors. Moreover, the business setups at DMCC can use this location as a perfect opportunity to attract more customers and investment opportunities for growth.


  1. How does DMCC promote collaboration among different businesses?

For networking and collaboration purposes, DMCC is focused on organizing events that bring the unique opportunity to facilitate collaboration. Additionally, there are online platforms that provide a chance to explore partnerships within the DMCC system.


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