Types of Business Licences Offered by IFZA Free Zone

  • June 27, 2024

In today’s world of business, the United Arab Emirates, and particularly Dubai, are at the top, and a lot is going on. This unique business zone, which has been gaining much traction lately, will increase its attractiveness factor. The distance between Dubai International Airport and the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), a free zone in Dubai, is about 20 minutes. Its purpose is to verify that investors can locate a suitable location for their business’s investment.

All business owners have access to an innovative infrastructure through IFZA, a crucial part of Dubai’s commercial strategy. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main benefits it offers stakeholders in the form of various free zone packages.

Business Licences Offered by IFZA

From start-ups and small businesses to major corporations, everyone can benefit from this IFZA facility. For all types of business owners, it is a strong, affordable, and well-liked business centre. As the most affordable free zone in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for company formation, IFZA is governed by the Dubai Silicon Oasis. In IFZA, one can find state-of-the-art office spaces, corporate units, conference rooms, digital infrastructure, and excellent Internet connectivity.

This article aims to shed light on the various aspects of IFZA, including its related features, advantages, procedures, licensing, paperwork, etc.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) – An Overview

Businesses can get more from IFZA Dubai than just a free zone. We are a community where business owners and entrepreneurs may join one of the most progressive cities in the world’s constantly changing ecosystems. Our company formation in Dubai has been optimised by utilising our advantageous location in conjunction with the highest calibre of expertise, client-focused service, and regulatory understanding.

IFZA is one of the top investment hubs for Dubai and the UAE. Due to Dubai’s many incentives, including 100% foreign ownership, investor-based benefits, and 100% profit repatriation, the city has emerged as a hub for foreign commercial investment. Many wish to take advantage of this service since IFZA provides updated facilities, and affordable packages that adhere to defined criteria.

PRO Services Available in IFZA Free Zone

  • Work permit for the task force
  • Trade name authorization
  • Renewing trade licence
  • Visa for the business task force
  • Getting a tenancy contract
  • Notary and legal verification

Types of IFZA Business License

IFZA Free Zone

To meet the diverse demands of business owners, IFZA provides a selection of licence choices. IFZA’s adaptable licensing meets your business needs whether you are starting a small-scale local firm or a large-scale worldwide enterprise.

Professional Licence: Intended for companies that offer professional services, such as lifestyle, technical, and other consulting firms.

Commercial Licence:  A commercial licence is best suited for businesses that distribute, import, export, or store particular goods.

Branch Licence: Enables foreign-incorporated businesses to open a branch at IFZA and increase their worldwide commercial footprint.

Industrial licence: A licence for manufacturing, processing, and packaging of commodities and products is known as an industrial licence.

Why Establish a Business in IFZA in Dubai?

Because of its high standards for service in its operational sectors, IFZA is one of the world’s top investment business hubs for investors and businesses.

Economic establishment of a business

The establishment of a firm in the IFZA is less costly than forming a company in another emirate. To entice new companies and entrepreneurs, the free zone maintains a consistent pricing structure and provides the most competitive business setup options.

Quick incorporation procedure for a company

With IFZA, anyone may establish a business without having an actual office. Additionally, the free zone provides a simple approval process and a quick company incorporation process from the government.

Adaptable licence reduction or upgrading

Business setup package categories in IFZA range from zero (0) visas to six (6) visa allotments. It gives you the option to begin with zero or one visa and upgrade based on your needs.

It encourages young businesspeople to set aside a certain sum of money to create a company.

IFZA Free Zone: Adaptable Business Licensing Program

Businesses in the IFZA Free Zone can choose to operate up to three different business activities under a single licence, and they can add additional as needed.

The mixing of professional and commercial activity under a single licence is likewise permitted by IFZA. It’s crucial to understand, nevertheless, that some commercial operations can call for extra permissions from pertinent federal regulatory organisations in Dubai or the UAE.

Important Requirements for IFZA Business Setup 

key requirements and processes for establishing your business in the IFZA free zone are explained in detail below:

Establishing a Legal Entity: FZCO entities are incorporated as businesses inside IFZA. Subject to certain restrictions, established companies may also open branch offices in IFZA.

Paid-Up Capital Requirements: Although most Free Zones do not have minimum capital requirements, some may demand paid-up capital in the range of 50,000–150,000 AED. Notably, paid-up capital is not needed for IFZA.

Trade Name Registration: By the regulations established by the relevant government, you must apply for and obtain a legitimate trade name for your company.

Business Licence Application: You can apply for the business licence that corresponds with your type of business after you have fulfilled the prerequisites and comprehended the licence requirements.

How to Apply for a Business License in the IFZA

The steps involved in obtaining an IFZA business licence are outlined in full below:

Determine Business Activity

Choose the exact business activity or activities that you would like your organisation to partake in first. IFZA provides a range of possibilities, encompassing commercial, industrial, and professional activity.

Select a Company Structure

Choose a business structure for your venture: a branch of an already-existing company, a Free Zone Company (FZCO), or something else entirely. The requirements and ramifications vary depending on the organisation.

Submission of Applications and Documentation

As stated above, gather all necessary paperwork, then submit your application for a business licence. Our experts will help you to Complete Your IFZA Business License Application Quickly and Easily.

Evaluation of Applications

The IFZA authorities will examine your documentation and application. This procedure entails verifying that your planned company operations are eligible and compliant with UAE law.

Acceptance and Lawful Procedures

Before the distribution of incorporation documents, two electronic legal forms will be sent for signing following the submission of the application and supporting documentation to the authorised portal and approval.

Issuance of Licences

Your business licence and a certificate to start operations will be issued by IFZA once all procedures and permissions have been completed. This licence serves as formal authorization for you to begin conducting business in the IFZA Free Zone.

Setup of Post-License Businesses

Following licence acquisition, you can move forward with other procedures such as opening a company bank account, processing employee IFZA visas, and, if necessary, setting up your office space. Our professionals are here to help you at every step of the way, guaranteeing a seamless and effective launch of your company’s operations.


Offering a broad range of services, business activities, and licence choices to suit the needs of enterprises of all sizes and industries, IFZA Dubai is a top choice for businesses wishing to establish a presence in the United Arab Emirates. IFZA Dubai is the ideal option for businesses wishing to grow internationally because of its advantageous tax climate, advantageous location, and helpful business infrastructure.


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