Streamlined Business Setup: Obtain Your UAE Business License in Just 45 Minutes

  • August 15, 2023

In a significant move to boost business growth and attract foreign investors, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled a revolutionary initiative that allows entrepreneurs to obtain a business license in an unprecedentedly short time frame. The UAE government, known for its progressive approach towards economic development, has introduced a streamlined process that promises to issue business licenses within just 45 minutes. This groundbreaking announcement has already sent ripples of excitement through the business community, positioning the UAE as an even more attractive destination for startups and established enterprises alike. In this article, we will delve into the details of this new process, its benefits, and how it is set to transform the landscape of business setup in the UAE.


The New Business License Process

The UAE’s new business license process aims to eliminate bureaucratic hurdles, reduce paperwork, and expedite the entire setup journey for entrepreneurs. Under this streamlined approach, applicants can expect to receive their business license approval within a mere 45 minutes, marking a substantial reduction from the previous processing time that could take days or even weeks.

Key features of the New Process

Online Application

The heart of this innovative approach lies in the introduction of a fully digital and user-friendly online application system. Entrepreneurs can now complete and submit their business license applications through a secure online portal, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from the very beginning.

Integration of Government Services

The new process integrates various government services, allowing for real-time verification of information and data sharing among relevant government departments. This integration minimizes the need for duplicate submissions and ensures that the process flows seamlessly from one step to the next.

Automated Document Verification

Document verification, an essential part of the business license application process, has been streamlined through automated systems. This reduces manual intervention and speeds up the verification process, contributing to the overall efficiency of the new system.

Dedicated Business Service Centers

In addition to the online application system, dedicated business service centers have been established to provide personalized assistance and guidance to applicants. Entrepreneurs can visit these centers to seek support and clarify any queries related to the license application process.

Benefits of the New Process

Time Efficiency

The most evident advantage of the new process is the significant reduction in the time required to obtain a business license. The previous waiting period, which could be perceived as a barrier to business setup, has been transformed into a speedy and hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Business Environment

By removing bureaucratic complexities and implementing a more efficient process, the UAE government has demonstrated its commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment. This improved atmosphere encourages entrepreneurs to invest in the UAE, driving economic growth and job creation.

Attraction of Global Investors

The streamlined process sends a strong signal to global investors and businesses that the UAE is a proactive and forward-thinking destination for business ventures. The ease of obtaining a business license will undoubtedly make the UAE even more appealing for international entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations.

Support for Startups

The new process particularly benefits startups and small businesses, enabling them to launch their ventures quickly and efficiently. With reduced administrative burdens, entrepreneurs can focus on building their businesses and pursuing growth opportunities.


The UAE’s announcement of a streamlined business license process, offering approval within 45 minutes, marks a remarkable milestone in the country’s commitment to fostering economic growth and attracting foreign investment. This revolutionary initiative is set to transform the landscape of business setup in the UAE, positioning the nation as a global leader in facilitating entrepreneurship and innovation. By simplifying the process, leveraging technology, and creating a more business-friendly environment, the UAE government has reaffirmed its status as a forward-thinking and progressive hub for startups, established enterprises, and ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide. As the new process gains traction, we can expect to witness an influx of investment and business activities, propelling the UAE towards new heights of economic prosperity.


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