Renew or Cancel Your Dubai Visa in 2024 Guide & Checklist

  • February 26, 2024

Living in the vibrant city of Dubai comes with its share of complexities, and navigating visa renewals and cancellations can be one of them. Whether you’re a resident with an expiring Dubai visa or planning to leave, understanding the dubai visa renewal process is crucial for staying legal and avoiding unnecessary stress. But worry not, dear reader, for this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and resources to breeze through your visa journey.

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Renewal in Dubai Visa Extending Your Stay
Who Needs to Renew?

Living in Dubai, whether for work, leisure, or family reasons, necessitates maintaining a valid visa status. To avoid overstaying and incurring fines, understanding who needs to renew their visa is crucial. Here’s a breakdown:

Anyone holding a resident visa in Dubai requires renewal before it expires. This applies to various visa categories:

Employment Visa:

Sponsored by your employer.

Renewal typically requires an updated employment contract, medical fitness certificate, and company approval.

Residence Visa:

Sponsored by yourself or a family member.

Renewal required documents proving sponsorship, a medical fitness certificate, and travel insurance.

Other Residence Visa Categories:

Retirement Visa: For retirees above 55, requiring proof of pension income, health insurance, and bank statements.

Student Visa: Sponsored by your educational institution, needing updated enrollment proof and health insurance.

Dependent Visa: Sponsored by a visa renewal dubai holder (spouse, child, etc.), needing sponsorship documents, family ties proof, and a medical fitness certificate (for some).

Special Consideration:

Even if your visa hasn’t officially expired, you might need to renew it if you change your job, sponsorship, or marital status. This ensures consistency and compliance with regulations.

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2. Dubai Visa Renewal Process:

Renewing your visa follows a straightforward process:

Gather Required Documents: This varies depending on your visa type and sponsor. Generally, you’ll need your passport, Emirates ID, visa application form, medical fitness certificate, travel insurance, and sponsorship documents (if applicable).

UAE residence visa renewal documents required:

Original Passport: Valid for at least 6 months after your new visa expiry date.

Emirates ID: Ensure it’s active and not due for renewal.

Visa Application Form: Download and complete the relevant form from the GDRFA website.

Medical Fitness Certificate: Obtained from a government-approved medical center within the past month.

Travel Insurance: Covering the entire duration of your renewed visa.

Two Passport-Sized Photographs: Colored, white background, meeting specific format requirements.

Apply Online: Dubai has embraced online services! Head to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) website or DubaiNow app to initiate your application. Fill out the form, upload documents, and pay the renewal fees.

Biometric Verification: After submitting your application, you’ll receive a notification for a mandatory biometric verification process at a GDRFA typing center.

Visa Collection: Once everything is processed, you’ll receive a notification to collect your renewed visa from the relevant GDRFA center.

3. Important Deadlines:

Ideal Renewal Window: Initiate your renewal 30-60 days before your visa expires. This allows ample time for processing, document gathering, and addressing any potential issues.

Visa Expiry: Renewing after your visa has expired is possible, but incurs a grace period fine of AED 200 per day. Overstaying beyond the grace period leads to additional penalties and potential difficulties re-entering the UAE.

Change of Status: If you’re changing visa types during renewal (e.g., employment to retirement), deadlines might differ. Consult TVG Consultancy for specific timelines based on your situation.

Document Expiry: Ensure all required documents, like passports and medical certificates, are valid well beyond the renewal date. Expired documents can delay the process.

Understanding Grace Periods:

You typically have a 30-day grace period after your visa expires to initiate renewal without fines. Use this time wisely to avoid accumulating penalties.

Remember, the grace period is for initiating renewal, not overstaying. You must remain in legal status throughout the process.

Special Cases:

Urgent Renewals: For urgent renewals under unforeseen circumstances, additional fees and expedited processing might be required. TVG Consultancy can guide you through these situations and explore available options.

Visa Cancellation: If you’re leaving Dubai permanently, cancel your visa before expiry to avoid future complications. Different deadlines apply for visa cancellation, so be sure to inquire with TVG Consultancy for specific timelines.

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4. Visa Renewal Costs:

Renewing your UAE residence visa isn’t just about the paperwork – knowing the associated costs can help you budget effectively and avoid unexpected expenses. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors influencing your visa renewal costs:

Visa Type: Fees vary significantly depending on your visa type. Employment visas typically cost more than residence visas, with specialized categories like retirement visas having their own pricing structure.

Visa Duration: Fees generally increase with longer visa validity periods. Choose the duration that best suits your needs without overpaying for unnecessary time.

Government Fees: These fixed charges cover processing and administrative costs. The GDRFA website provides a detailed breakdown of these fees for each visa type.

5. Family Visa Renewal Dubai:

Renewing family visa renewal dubai (dependent visas) sponsored by an employment or residence visa holder follows a similar process. Ensure the sponsor’s visa is valid and gather required documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, and school enrollment proof (if applicable).

6. Need Help? Contact TVG Consultancy:

Visa renewals can sometimes get tricky. TVG Consultancy offers expert guidance and assistance throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Visa Cancellation in Dubai Moving On


1. When to Cancel Your Visa:

If you’re leaving Dubai permanently or your visa has expired, you must cancel it. Failure to do so can lead to fines and potential difficulties re-entering the UAE.

2. Visa Cancellation Process:

Gather Documents: This often includes your passport, Emirates ID, visa cancellation form, travel insurance, and clearance letters from relevant authorities (e.g., bank, telecom company).

Apply Online: Similar to renewals, visit the GDRFA website or DubaiNow app to initiate your cancellation application.

Exit Permit: Depending on your situation, you may need an exit permit. Check with the GDRFA for details.

Visa Fee: There’s a nominal fee for visa cancellation.

Departure: Once your visa is cancelled, ensure you depart within the stipulated grace period.

3. Important Points:

Visa cancellation can only be initiated by the visa holder or their sponsor.

If you have outstanding debts or legal issues, visa cancellation might be delayed.

TVG Consultancy can guide you through the specific requirements and complexities of visa cancellation, ensuring a smooth exit from Dubai.

Q: What documents do I need for my visa renewal?

A:  Required documents vary depending on your visa type and sponsor. Generally, you’ll need your passport, Emirates ID, visa application form, medical fitness certificate, travel insurance, and sponsorship documents (if applicable). Contact TVG Consultancy for a personalized list based on your situation.

Q: How long does the visa renewal process take?

A: It typically takes 3-5 working days after submitting your application and completing biometric verification. However, delays can occur. TVG Consultancy can help expedite the process and keep you updated.

Q: Can I renew my visa online?

A: Yes! Initiating applications and uploading documents happen online through the GDRFA website or DubaiNow app. We recommend professional assistance from TVG Consultancy to ensure accuracy and avoid delays.

Q: Do I need a lawyer for visa renewals or cancellations?

A: While not mandatory, professional assistance from TVG Consultancy can significantly reduce stress, ensure accuracy, and expedite the process. We offer specialized knowledge, personalized guidance, and efficient service to make your visa journey smooth and worry-free.


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