Exploring the Advantages of Setting Up Your Company in Meydan Free Zone

  • June 26, 2023

As we are already aware that Dubai is renowned for its vibrant business landscape and numerous free zones which offer an array of options for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their companies and make their mark in this metropolitan city. Among these, Meydan Free Zone stands out as an exceptional choice for entrepreneurs. Strategically located in the heart of Dubai, Meydan Free Zone provides an impressive range of unique advantages that make it an ideal destination for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. In this comprehensive blog, we will delve into the key reasons why you should consider the Meydan Free Zone for your company formation in Dubai.


Strategic Location

Situated just minutes away from Dubai International Airport, major highways, and key commercial areas, Meydan Free Zone enjoys a highly advantageous location. This prime position ensures easy accessibility and convenient connectivity, enabling businesses to seamlessly connect with global markets. Additionally, the proximity to the iconic Meydan Racecourse and Dubai’s central business districts adds prestige and value to any company operating within the free zone.

World-Class Infrastructure

Meydan Free Zone prides itself on providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. The free zone offers a wide selection of purpose-built, high-quality office spaces, warehouses, and showrooms, all equipped with advanced technology and amenities. These cutting-edge facilities create a professional and efficient environment, fostering enhanced productivity and facilitating business growth.

Extensive Range of Business Activities

One of the compelling features of Meydan Free Zone is its support for a broad spectrum of business activities across various sectors. Regardless of whether you are in the technology, media, manufacturing, logistics, or retail industry, Meydan Free Zone offers flexible licensing options tailored to your specific business requirements. With its comprehensive list of permitted activities, the free zone ensures that your company can operate legally and without unnecessary restrictions.


100% Foreign Ownership and Profit Repatriation

Foreign entrepreneurs often seek jurisdictions that allow full ownership of their businesses. Meydan Free Zone offers precisely that, granting 100% foreign ownership without the need for a local sponsor. This empowers entrepreneurs with complete control over their business operations, decision-making processes, and the freedom to repatriate profits. Additionally, the free zone imposes no currency restrictions, allowing businesses to transfer funds internationally without hindrance.

Tax Benefits and Incentives

Dubai’s favourable tax environment is well-known, and Meydan Free Zone embraces this advantage. Businesses established within the free zone enjoy zero corporate and personal income taxes for up to 50 years, resulting in significant cost savings and enhanced competitiveness. Furthermore, Meydan Free Zone offers a range of incentives, including customs exemptions, import/export tax waivers, and reduced bureaucratic procedures, all of which facilitate business growth and expansion.

Comprehensive Business Support and Networking Opportunities

Meydan Free Zone is committed to providing extensive support services that assist businesses throughout their establishment and ongoing operations. The free zone’s dedicated team of professionals offers guidance on company setup, licensing, visa processing, and other administrative procedures, streamlining the entire process for entrepreneurs. Moreover, Meydan Free Zone organises networking events, industry seminars, and exhibitions, fostering collaboration and creating opportunities for business growth and partnerships.


Choosing Meydan Free Zone for your company formation in Dubai offers a compelling proposition for entrepreneurs, particularly foreigners. The free zone’s strategic location, world-class infrastructure, diverse business activities, 100% foreign ownership, tax advantages, and comprehensive support services combine to create an environment conducive to business success. By opting for Meydan Free Zone, you can unlock the full potential of your business in Dubai’s thriving market. Embrace the opportunities offered by this dynamic free zone and embark on a path to remarkable growth and prosperity.



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