Benefits of opening a business in free zones

Benefits of opening a business in Dubai Free Zones

To start with, let’s see what Free Zones mean in the UAE. Free zones are established as special economic regions that issue operating licences to business establishments and grant financial and tax exclusions. An investor can form 3 types of business entities listed below in a UAE free zone.


  1. Free zone company (FZC)

  2. Free zone establishment (FZE)

  3. Branch of a business concern


These free zones have been one of the key factors that has made Dubai a hub for business and trade in the Middle East. Dubai alone has over 20 free zones, offering a range of benefits to businesses looking to establish a presence in the city. 


Enjoy the following benefits if you are planning to open a business in a Dubai free zone: 

  • 100% Foreign Ownership

One of the most attractive benefits of setting up a business in a Dubai free zone is that foreign investors can own 100% of the company. This is a major advantage compared to the traditional company setup in the UAE, where a local sponsor or partner is required to hold at least 51% of the company’s shares. With 100% ownership, foreign investors can have complete control over their business operations, which is essential for many entrepreneurs.

  • Tax Exemptions

Another major benefit of setting up a business in a Dubai free zone is the tax exemptions offered by the government. Businesses operating in free zones are exempt from corporate and personal income taxes for up to 50 years. In addition, there is no VAT or customs duties on goods and services imported or exported from the free zone. This can result in significant cost savings for businesses, allowing them to reinvest in their operations and grow their business.

  • Easy Company Setup

Setting up a company in a Dubai free zone is a relatively straightforward process. The free zone authority handles all the paperwork and approvals required to establish a business, making the process faster and more efficient than the traditional company setup process. In addition, free zones offer a range of business services, such as legal and accounting services, to support entrepreneurs during the setup phase.

  • Strategic Location

Dubai’s free zones are strategically located near major airports and seaports, providing businesses with easy access to global markets. This makes it an ideal location for businesses in the logistics, import/export, and manufacturing industries. In addition, Dubai’s free zones are well-connected to the city’s transportation infrastructure, including roads and public transportation, making it easy for employees to commute to work.

  • World-Class Infrastructure

They are known for their world-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art office buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. The free zone authority invests heavily in infrastructure development to attract businesses and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. In addition, the city has a reliable and efficient power and telecommunications network, which is essential for businesses operating in today’s digital age.

  • Access To Talent

Dubai has a diverse and highly skilled workforce. The city attracts talent from around the world, thanks to its attractive quality of life, tax-free salaries, and diverse culture. In addition, free zones offer a range of training and development programs to help businesses attract and retain top talent. This makes it easier for businesses to find the skilled workers they need to succeed.

  • Business-friendly Environment

Free zones offer a business-friendly environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation. The city’s government has implemented policies and initiatives to support businesses and encourage investment. This includes measures to streamline the business setup process, promote innovation, and provide support to entrepreneurs. In addition, free zones offer a range of business services, such as legal and accounting services, to support businesses throughout their operations.

  • Networking Opportunities

It provides businesses with access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts. This can be invaluable for startups and small businesses that are looking to grow and expand their operations. Free zones often host networking events, conferences, and workshops, providing businesses with opportunities to connect with potential clients, partners, and investors.

Dubai Free Zones present an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their business globally. The various benefits such as 100% foreign ownership, tax exemptions and access to world-class infrastructure and facilities make Dubai a sought-after destination for businesses looking to establish a presence in the Middle East. However, navigating the legal and regulatory landscape of setting up a business in Dubai can be daunting for first-time entrepreneurs. This is where TVG management consultancy comes in to guide you through the process seamlessly. With our expertise and experience, you can focus on growing your business while leaving the complexities of company registration, licensing, and compliance to our experts. Trust us to help you achieve your business goals and realise your entrepreneurial dreams in Dubai.

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