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5 Common UAE Visa Renewal Mistakes Startups Must Avoid in 2022

Undergoing UAE visa renewal can be a hustle-bustle if you don’t apply for it to the concerned authorities on time. What next? You need to face all the inconveniences to stay in this nation of world-class infrastructure and facilities. 

One of the consequences of not renewing the UAE visa on time can be the high penalties per day. So, it becomes a priority to renew your residence visa in the Emirates. 

Let’s explore the 5 mistakes you have to be aware of while applying for your visa renewal in the UAE. 

5 Mistakes Startups Must Avoid While Applying For The UAE Visa Renewal

1-Carelessness While Deciding on the Company Structure 

Several times you might choose the irrelevant company structure for performing your business activities in the UAE. The only reason why it happens is the mistake while deciding on your company structure for setting up an entity in the UAE. 

It’s always better to seek guidance from the industry experts before applying for the license renewal of your company. Currently, here are a few types of company structures you can choose from:

1. Sole proprietorship.

2. Civil Company.

3. Branch of Foreign Companies/Representative Office.

4. Branch of GCC companies.

5. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

6. Partnership.

7. Private Share Holding Company.

8. Public Share Holding Company.

2-Less Research On Marketing Challenges 

As the advancements in the industry transform each day, the marketing challenges also take a new hike. And the scenario is the same in every country, no matter where it is and what’s its global ranking.

For instance, the real estate market is booming in Dubai and simply angles towards upcoming scopes. So, if you wish to renew the license for your real-estate entity, then make sure you know what’s going on in the industry. 

3-Missing Out Important Documents Requirements

Did you check the required documents for visa renewal in the Emirates? Are they updated? Make sure all the required documents are up to the mark before submitting them to the concerned authorities. Here are the basic documents required you need to provide:

1. A sponsor with a valid residency permit   A proof of sponsor who has a valid residency permit

2. If you are above 18 years of age, you need to pass a medical test

3. In case of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, present the insurance card

4. Show a renewed ID issued from ICA 

5. The sponsor must reapply or submit an application through a typing office for renewal of the residency permit, whether it is the public sector, a private sector company, or a personal sponsor.

6. Sponsor’s original passport

7. A photo of the sponsor

In the private sector, the sponsoring company must submit the following additional documents:

1. Valid firm card’s copy

2. Sponsor’s renewed labour card copy

3. Valid trade license’s copy

4. Those who are 60 years old and above should submit the receipt for their labour card renewal.

4-Negligent Behaviour While Hiring Skilled Workforce 

Hiring a skilled workforce while renewing your UAE visa and business license is the most essential thing you shouldn’t skip. Firstly, a skilled and dedicated team contributes to the growth of your organization. 

Secondly, they give a better shape and environment for enhanced work culture. Well, recruitment is not as easy the way it sounds. You need experts to do it. The best way to do it is by hiring a professional HR consultancy firm in Dubai. 

5-No Prior Planning To Manage Risks 

You business might fall if you don’t renew your UAE visa after planning risk. Today, applying for visa renewal involves the processes similar to that of starting a company in UAE. So, you can’t neglect the essence of planning risks in your company. 

Risk management is extremely essential in any organization. It’s because after understanding the potential risks, you can effortlessly create strategies to handle them. Moreover, staying in the UAE won’t be a burden on you. 


Ques 1) What can I do to renew my UAE visa without leaving the country?

You can effortlessly renew your UAE visa by visiting the immigration office without even leaving the country. All you have to do is to pay the asked fee and follow the required procedures.

Ques 2) How many passport-sized photos do I have to submit for the Emirates visa renewal application?

In order to renew your UAE visa, you need to provide atleast two passport-sized photographs. 

Ques 3) How much time does the entire process of UAE residence visa renewal takes?

It might take the maximum time of 7 working days for the completion of the entire process for renewing your UAE visa. 

Ques 4) What is the latest UAE residence visa renewal fees for the year of 2022? 

There is an annual fee of AED100 for UAE residence visas. Moreover, the processing fee can also vary depending on where you apply, ranging from AED70 if you apply in person to AED40 if you apply online.

Wrapping it up:

UAE holds unlimited opportunities when it comes to expanding your business. Thus, you need to be vigilant while applying for the UAE visa renewal. Hopefully, this article post on the don’ts of UAE residency visa renewal will help in getting your visa quickly. 

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