Top-notch business setup services in Dubai

  • February 20, 2024

Dubai has enjoyed the traction from business setup services, professionals and labor like no other for decades. The country’s favorable tax system and opportunities for international trade has made Dubai a sought-after location for international investors and businesspeople. UAE is also renowned for its many company-growth initiatives, business incubators, and easily navigable laws that make starting and maintaining a business simple. This is evident by its consistent placement in the top 10 spots on the World Bank’s Doing Business Index. 

Whether it would be a simple and reasonably priced company registration in Dubai, it depends on the nature and size of your company. It is possible to launch a business in Dubai with limited funds. However, it is important to have a keen eye during the application process to avoid mistakes that can cause delays or rejection. That is why, it is generally recommended to collaborate with a company setup specialist or a business consultant in Dubai

business setup services in Dubai

All You Need to Know to Start a Business in Dubai

Standard documentation and business facts are required when working with a business setup professional. Companies like ours manage applications for licenses and visas, coordinate with pertinent departments, and advise you on the best time to open for business. Working with professionals is made easier by the UAE’s six primary business license categories.

  1. Occupational 
  2. Tourism 
  3. Industrial 
  4. Commercial 
  5. Agricultural 
  6. Professional 

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs): LLCs can be formed by at least two shareholders and can engage in any business except banking, insurance, and financial investing. Dubai permits Free Zone businesses and institutions. These entities are subject to specific ownership, tax, and customs regulations. 

Mainland Companies: As a business consultant, I can tell you that foreign business owners are allowed to own 49% of an onshore company situated in Dubai. This ownership must be established through a native sponsor or agent. Onshore businesses are based in another country but managed by foreigners and registered in Dubai. Offshore corporations are owned entirely by foreign business people. 

Branch Office: Finally, a Branch Office functions as an expansion of the main business. Any foreign business may open a branch office in any of the FTZs in Dubai as well as on the mainland. It is a viable choice for businesses wishing to enter regional markets by opening a branch office in the United Arab Emirates. 

Dubai possesses a favorable business environment, accommodating labor laws, enables complete capital and profit repatriation, and grants income tax exemption. Enterprises find it appealing due to its excellent transit system, state-of-the-art services, and superior infrastructure.

Moreover, the city attracts foreign investment by offering tax breaks, incentives, and significant government support. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) has approved approximately 2,000 business activities across various industries and sub-industries. 

business setup services in Dubai

Steps to Open a Business in Dubai

When applying for a license, it may or may not be necessary to identify all business operations under one application. A company setup consultancy in Dubai can assist you in selecting the ideal choice for your business, thereby saving you time and effort from sifting through thousands of activities to find the right fit. 

Choose Business Location: Establishing a business in Dubai entails two steps: choosing whether to situate the business in a free zone or on the mainland, and figuring out what kind of license (industrial or professional services) is required. 

In contrast to free zone enterprises, which provide 0% taxation, customs duty exemption, unlimited currency exchange, and the chance to repatriate profits and cash, mainland companies can benefit from lucrative government contracts and direct market deals. 

Every choice offers benefits, such as direct market transactions, access to government contracts, and the opportunity to repatriate capital and earnings. 

Choose Company Name: Dubai’s stringent business naming regulations may not be known to foreigners. These regulations discourage the inclusion of disparaging or blasphemous words, references to Allah or Islam, or even the use of initials or surnames in the business name. It is necessary to verify the availability of the selected name and ensure its availability before registering it. A business development expert can assist in this process by confirming the name’s availability and presenting potential options. 

Apply For Business License: After deciding on the type of business name, it is now time to apply for a business license. There are two methods to go about doing this, depending on your choice of mainland or free zone structure. To register a free zone in Dubai, you must send your filled-out application and certain basic information about your business straight to the free zone of your choice. Which free zone is best for you will be determined by your business operations; many are tailored expressly to certain industries, for example, to set up on the mainland, submit your application and supporting documents to the DED, which may vary depending on factors like nationality and company size. It’s recommended to work with an expert in business formation, as the application process is specific. They can handle all aspects of your application, coordinate with authorities, and provide advice on the best arrangement for your needs.

Visa Application For Dependents and Staff: Once your company is licensed, you can apply for additional visas for yourself, staff, and dependents. The size and location of your company determine eligibility. Dependent visas are easy if you meet the eligibility requirements. However, creating bank accounts may be challenging for foreign nationals living in the UAE due to different application and acceptance standards. Consult an expert to arrange meetings with financial institutions and find the best bank for your business. 

Other Paperwork Required: A copy of the shareholders’ and directors’ passports and national identity cards are among the paperwork needed for company formation. You also need to provide a current utility bill, bank statement, or credit card statement with the residential address and name of the directors and shareholders. 

Dubai has it all and I mean quite literally and that is why it is a diversified economy that includes trade, manufacturing, industrialization, and tourism. The main factor driving its quick GDP development is commerce between the US, China, and India. With its dynamic market and increasing economy, Dubai has the fastest-growing GDP in the world, making it a desirable place to build a business in conclusion.


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