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7 Essential Reasons to Incorporate Your Business at SHAMS Free Zone

Still, deciding whether you should incorporate a business at SHAMS Freezone or not? Well, you must go ahead. It’s surely going to be a wise decision. Sharjah Media City Free Zone aka SHAMS provides a plethora of benefits to aspiring entrepreneurs. And the most beneficial industry in the Sharjah free zone is the media and creative sector. Thanks to the world-class infrastructure of this place for making it a hub for modern media services. 

The UAE free zone has always been a booming area when it comes to establishing a company. Some perks of company incorporation in a free zone are 100% ownership, full repatriation of profits, zero income, corporate taxes, and a plethora of activities. And, for SHAMS company formation SHAMS free zones just boast them. 

Are you now eager to know more about the advantages of setting up a company in SHAMS-free zones? If yes, here are the 7 essential reasons you should definitely know. 

SHAMS company formation: 7 Important Reasons To Incorporate Your Business at Free Zone 

1. Affordability in Establishment 

Sharjah isn’t that expensive if you wish to establish a business. It’s even more affordable than the regions of Dubai. In Shams, you can set up a company with a starting annual license fee of AED 11,500. Just like other free zones, even in SHAMS, you have the following perks:

1. Foreign Ownership Permissions

2. Full Repatriation of Capitals and Profits

3. Liberty from custom duty 

4. Zero personal or corporate tax

2. Fast and Hassle-Free Registration Process 

When the rules and regulations are comparatively strict, SHAMS zones are setting a benchmark in terms of liberal laws. Getting business approval from authorities is easier in SHAMS Free Zone. You don’t have to do too much paperwork. 

Kudos to the digitalization of the process. Just wait for three days after applying for a business license in SHAMS are you’re done. 

3. Favourability of Location 

The free zone of Sharjah is just 15 minutes away from Dubai Airport and 5 minutes away from Sharjah Airport. This city is a complete package of a rich commercial zone with a well-planned network of roads and metro. Moreover, its explicit residential boulevards, creative units, hotels, and plazas have a strong transportation network. 

4. Lesser Time Involved In Installation 

Forming a company in Sharjah Media city takes lesser than a week. While all the documentation and paperwork were completed within a time span of 2 days. The entire team of TVG consultancy ensures the completion of the remaining process including the Visa stamping and Immigration card formalities in a month. Additionally, they recruit the workforce for you without the requirement of contract attestation from the Ministry of Labor. 

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5. Easier Visa Process 

One unignorable benefit of establishing a business in Shams Media city is quick visa access. It gives you the freedom to acquire investor visas without any age restriction or payment deposit. The limit is up to six visas through the facility of the shared desk. 

6. Business Formation Benefits Without Any Physical Presence  

Companies do not need any physical presence for the legitimization of their existence in the Shams free zone. It lets the owners operate their business from anywhere. Companies can enjoy all the advantages of LLC with the power to appoint the corporate directors and corporate managers in the firm. 

7. Introduction To A Registered Agent System 

Shams free zones introduce an effective registered agent system. As an investor, you can incorporate your company through a registered agent for the purpose to maintain the point of contact. It contributes toward a decentralized structure that offers quick customer service and valid information support. 

Wrapping it up:

Without a doubt, you’ll surely incorporate your business at Shams Free Zone after reading this blog post. And why not? After all, there are so many perks your business can enjoy in the Shams Media Free Zone. Ready for the positive change? Get in touch with the experts to make your business formation in UAE Free Zones a smooth process. 


1. What are the SHAMS Free zones in the UAE?

Launched back in 2017, SHAMS free zone aka Sharjah Media city is one of the free zones in the Emirates. This zone holds endless opportunities for the business of the servicing sector, such as tourism, media and broadcasting, etc. 

2. How much does it cost to start a business in Sharjah?

The cost of starting a business in Sharjah depends on the type of business you are willing to start and the number of licenses you require.

3. If I take License from SHAMS, will I be able to do business in other emirates?

No, your SHAMS business license is not valid in other zones of Emirates. You can only do business in the Emirates with a mainland company license.

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