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8 Profitable Sectors In SHAMS Free Zone To Start A Company in 2022

Are you thinking of incorporating a business in the SHAMS Free Zone and don’t know where to start? This blog post includes the list of the 8 most profitable sectors you can consider. 

SHAMS Free Zone or Sharjah Media City majorly focuses on uplifting the entrepreneurs in the fields of media and creativity.  But beyond that, there are a few more industries that are thriving in SHAMS. Do you wish to explore them? Let’s dive in and check those industries. 

1- Manufacturing Sector 

With the growing changes in the market, the manufacturing sector in the UAE has ample scope. And Dubai’s industrial sector itself is expected to grow by 51% with the creation of over 27,000 jobs. Enlisted below are the evergrowing industries of the manufacturing sector in the Sharjah Free Zone:

1. Food and Beverage Industry

2. Ceramic Industry

3. Pharmaceutical Industry


4. Textile Industry 

5. Metal Industry 

2-Advertising and Marketing Sector 

Another emerging sector in the SHAMS free zone is the Advertising and marketing industry. One of the important industries in the advertising and media sector is the digital marketing industry. 

The main reason behind this thing is the increasing number of internet users day by day across the globe. Today, you can thrive in a variety of marketing business activities like social media marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, etc. 

3-Real Estate Sector 

The real estate sector is an essential pillar of the UAE’s economic diversification. Thanks to over 5.5 per cent of the GDP this particular sector contributes to the economy. So, if you are thinking of incorporating a real estate company in the Emirates, do it without a thought. 

There are endless options you can choose from when it comes to opening a real estate company. Some of the business options include real estate agencies, mortgage services, etc. 

4-Financial And Accounting Sector 

With a plethora of job opportunities in the Emirates, the demands for the legal and accounting sector are constantly increasing. Even in Sharjah, this situation remains unchanged. 

Whether it’s a small-sized entity, a mid-sized company or a large-scale organization, everyone requires accountants to audit their financial statements. Thus, your financial and accounting business can earn a huge amount of money. 

5-Tourism and Travel Sector 

Gradually, Dubai has secured a reputation for being one of the biggest tourist destinations. Presently, luxury travel deals and discounts are popular across the world and even in the Emirates. And the entire credit goes to the world-class infrastructure of this picturesque place that includes:

1. International airports including the Sharjah airport that is just 29 minutes away from Dubai

2. State-of-the-art land transport systems and routes

3. Port of Khalid in the heart of Sharjah city

6- Education Sector 

Did you know? According to the Business Wire, the forecasted growth change of the education sector is 378 thousand units during 2020-2024. It simply means even the education sector can help you earn impressively well. 

Here is what the segmented education market in the SHAMS looks like:

1. Private and public education sector 

2. K-12 schools 

3. Higher education 

7- Accommodation and Food Service Sector 

One more worth-investing sector in the SHAMS Freezone is the accommodation and food service sector. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, there are so many tourists who visit the Emirates every year. 

Moreover, there is a huge list of diversified food lovers in the UAE who will never stop their favourite dishes. Thus, even launching a restaurant business in the Emirates can help you earn millions of dollars. 

8- Retail Sector 

Last but not least is the retail sector which is a key player for ensuring the development of Dubai in the past few years. Since Dubai is one of the best tourism destinations with enchanting attractions, it welcomes ample visitors each year. And with the increasing shopping patterns of these visitors, there are remarkable opportunities in the retail sector too. 

Summing it up:

Without a doubt, incorporating a company in SHAMS free zone can surely contribute to your business growth. You have a cornucopia of options to get started, such as the real estate sector, manufacturing sector, education sector etc. Hopefully, the aforementioned points will give you several options to start a company in SHAMS free zone.

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