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Top 5 Reasons Why Doctors Must Apply For Dubai Golden Visa in 2022

Being a doctor there is nothing better than getting a Dubai Golden Visa in 2022. It’s because this year is full of surprises when it comes to new rules and regulations related to practising medicines in Dubai. 

Since the UAE secures the 22nd position in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, this country holds endless scopes in the healthcare sector. And acquiring a Golden visa will be like a cherry on the top of the cake for doctors.

In this blog post, we will give you 5 essential reasons why doctors must apply for the UAE Golden in 2022. But before that, let’s explore the eligibility requirements for the doctors who wish to get the UAE Golden visa.

What are the Dubai Golden Visa requirements for doctors?

There are some eligibility criteria you need to fulfil to apply for the Emirates golden visa or permanent residency visa. As a doctor, you are eligible to get the Golden visa if you fit under the following conditions:

1. A doctor from specialized fields of medicine, such as innovative technology, science, and human health care 

2. Licensed doctors by the health departments of the UAE can also apply for the UAE golden visa from July 2021 to September 2022

3. The medical practitioner who received the licenses from the health regulatory bodies in the UAE

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5 Benefits of Dubai Golden Visa in 2022 For Doctors 

Now, when you know the eligibility criteria to apply for the UAE golden visa for doctors, let’s check its benefits. 

1- Residency Status of 10 Years

One who holds the Dubai Golden visa also achieves the residency status of 10 years. You can lap up the benefits of 0% corporate and income tax if you hold a Golden visa. Moreover, establishing your medical clinic across the UAE becomes hassle-free with a golden visa. 

2-National Sponsor Isn’t Required 

The toughest challenge one has to face while applying for a residency visa in the UAE is to look for a national sponsor. But it’s not the same case for the Dubai Golden visa for doctors. The newly introduced framework of the Emirates Golden visa allows foreigners to live, study and work in the UAE without any need for a national sponsorship. 

3-Stable & Secure Living Standards 

Everyone craves a stable and secure living standard irrespective of their profession and country. Although any UAE visa offers a state-of-the-art living environment, it’s even more in the case of the Emirates Golden visa.  

4-Freedom to Open Multiple Accounts 

Having the freedom to launch multiple bank accounts is a win-win situation for any individual who lives in a foreign country. It’s because the more banks you have, the more places you get to save your money. The UAE golden visa allows you to open multiple bank accounts across the Emirates. 

5-Liberty To Travel Across The Emirates 

Imagine your patient lives in the Dubai Mainland area and you stay in the UAQ free zone. Will it be possible for you to visit your patient? Yes, it’s possible if you hold the UAE Golden visa. Emirates Golden visa holders get a chance to travel, study and work freely across the UAE. 

Wrapping it up:

Indeed, the Emirates Golden visa holders have endless scopes in every sector, be it real estate or healthcare. Hopefully, after reading this article post you know the benefits of having a Dubai Golden for doctors in 2022. So, you should definitely apply for it if you are a doctor and qualify for all the eligibility criteria. 

Do you need some expert guidance regarding the hassle-free application process for the UAE Golden visa? Feel free to connect with the experts in that case. 

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