Investor visa dubai partner license

Dubai Partner Visa For Discovering The Boundless Business Opportunities Across The UAE

Foreign entrepreneurs and business aspirants always look for a suitable option to establish their dream venture. Dubai is one such place that never disappoints them when it comes to world-class infrastructure and facilities. All they need to do is acquiring a investor visa Dubai. But when it comes to processing a partner visa aka investor visa in UAE, it needs approval from the DNRD and entry permit acquisition. It’s the place where a professional business consultancy firm comes to role play.

Dubai Partner Visa Requirements

How To Undergo Investor Visa Dubai Registration?

Although the Dubai partner visa holders get a plethora of benefits, there is a certain registration procedure you need to follow. Check it out below:

Step 1

Visa application submission

Step 2

Make changes to the status request

Step 3

Go for the required medical examination

Step 4

Choose your Emirates ID type

Step 5

Get a stamp on your Investor aka partner visa

Note: The partner visa cost in Dubai changes from time to time, depending on the new government rules and regulations. Therefore, it’s always advisable to seek advice from a professional business consultancy firm in UAE. 

The Cancellation Process Without Any Hassle

Sometimes as an investor you might wish to cancel the tenure of your investment. And in that moment it becomes essential for you to know how to cancel partner visa in Dubai. Here is the procedure you need to follow for cancelling the partner visa: