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Human Resources Consultancy

Hiring the best HR consultancy in Dubai can help you win top talents in your startup business in the UAE. TVG Management Consultancy is one such HR firm in Dubai that has set a benchmark in the industry since its inception. Get tailored HR solutions across the Middle East for getting the best team in your organization. 

Our team can assist your organization by providing the following HR services in the Emirates:

  • Assistance in employee management.
  • Help in backend operations concerning HR solutions.
  • Guidance for enhancing productivity of the organization.
  • Develop the skills and performance of staff.

Our Experience

We have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of businesses in the Middle East and have helped them create a more dynamic business strategy by enhancing the skills of employees and providing customized training to ensure their growth. Our main key persons are CEOs, Managing Directors, HR Managers and HR Administrators with whom we collaborate to gain insight into the nature of their business which helps them to get bespoke HR solutions on a constant basis.

Apart from assisting organizations in developing the skills of their employees, we help tackle any issue that’s between employees and employers. Moreover, we also help them create a warm environment where everyone feels safe and is motivated to contribute to the growth of the organization. Our advice on employees and organizations is realistic and it comes from many years of experience in the field of Human Resources and recruitment.

Are you eager to know what’s the importance of Quality HR consultancy Dubai has? We’ve got you covered!

Develop customized HR policies – create new programs through groundbreaking concepts.Evaluation and enhancement of existing policies – ensure clients are provided with policies that are in line with international best practices.Cover all aspects of employment growth – cover every area to guarantee the growth of employees.Support senior executives particularly Managers in following new policies – guide Managers in following policies.Drive enhanced employee performance – advice on how to develop performance.Improve employee skills – advice on how to enhance the skills of the staff. Workforce strategy enhancement – planning through our HR Consultancy in Dubai.

Embrace Good Vibes Only When it Comes To Work Culture With Our HR Advisory Solutions

We have many years’ experiences in HR advisory solutions which we can offer as guidance to problems related to HR field.

Our HR experts are qualified with several years of experience in dealing with different sectors and can provide the best solutions for different issues related to HR.

Our process is systematic and our approach is professional.

We have an expert team that monitors and checks our services are up-to-date and modernized.

Our company works on improving its services from time to time.

Our HR experts are dedicated and committed enough to ensure the level of satisfaction of our employees is high.

Don’t Fall into Shortage of Talents With Our Career Development Strategies in Dubai

Contact our HR experts and discuss for career development.

In today’s competitive world, dynamic and versatile individuals are preferred.

With job competition increasing, there is no shortage of talented individuals possessing high academic results and who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

You cannot succeed by talent and hard work alone, employers are demanding strong personalities.

A great personality boosts confidence. If you are confident and demonstrate your command of the situation then it becomes easier for you to deliver your best performance.

Our Services

Finding a reliable HR outsourcing solutions provider may not be as easy as it sounds. You won’t need to reach out to all the consultancies now as you have found us. We are one’s who can caters to all your Human resources needs in UAE and GCC countries. There are various services and packages that we offer to our clients. You can flexibly choose what you require and what not. Depending on that, we draw a personalized, cost-effective package for you.

As a new business, we understand that it takes for your company to attract and retain top talent and help them reach their full potential. Our HR service for new businesses are designed to achieve this key overreaching objective. We confidently undertake and successfully execute HR projects across UAE and other GCC countries with the help of highly experienced team of consultants.

Looking to give your business the Global HR support?
TVG Management Consultancy is ready for saving you time, effort, and costs, reducing risk, and maximizing your workforce’s productivity and contentment.
Our highly motivated consultants with organized administrative international set-up enables us to deliver comprehensive HR services to our Clients with the following services.

  • Candidate Assessment
  • Hiring Assistance
  • Human Capital Planning
  • Creating Company Policies
  • Creating Business Plan
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Reviews

Flexible HR Management, the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization’s employees in order to cater to your business requirements. Our services are delivered through a hybrid model of onsite HR business partners, technology and offsite administrative HR support. HR Management process is the go-to resource for organizations to setup and manage every aspect of their HR function through various personalized HR documents, tools and templates. With this, you can ensure that your business is protected, and each employee feels valued from the day of hire to retirement and everything in between.

A corporate governance framework is crucial for the sustainability of the institutional entity and prestige of a company which provides the rules and guidelines and control measures by which an organization ensures accountability, fairness, and transparency in the company’s affairs internally and externally.

We have experience in developing various supporting organizations to analyze, review and enhance their corporate governance framework and relevant business practices. We offer comprehensive services to our clients as follows.

  • Structuring Senior Management
  • Support Service for Improvement of Internal Controls
  • Creation of An Authority Matrix/ Organization Guideline
  • The Family Constitution and Succession Planning
  • Corporate Policy Development

HR Outsourcing services is a cost-effective way of ensuring your HR needs are met and allows you to free up resources to focus on other core areas of your business which involves buying one or more business service from an external provider. Hiring and building a in-house team with specialists is expensive so it makes sense for small and medium-sized businesses to outsource their HR function. TVG Management Consultancy provides HR Outsourcing services to business across in the UAE and all GCC countries. By outsourcing you can get access to HR, Payroll, and Benefits expertise from a team of experts without incurring the heavy overhead costs. We leverage our extensive team of expert consisting of expats, UAE nationals and GCC nationals to help you easily improve your business through our services.

TVG Management Consultancy is pioneer in rendering HR Solutions across the Globe.
It is a combined venture of leading and experienced HR Professionals.
We provide across various verticals for multinational corporate as well as leading HR businesses.
We are confident in our ability to match the right people to the right positions based on careful analysis of their skills, experience and personality.

Employer brand communication can build a sense of community building because happy people build happy communities and happy organizations. We build a strong employer brand to help you attract and retain talent in an uncertain world.

We offer employer branding communication that are targeted at mitigating short-term problem statements, as well as addressing longer term goals and objectives. Our services are structured under the three categories:

  • Research and development
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Experience and Communication