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How To Open A Restaurant In Dubai? (Best Tips For A Kickstart)

Are you confused about how and where to open a restaurant in Dubai? Well, this blog post is surely going to end all your doubts. 

The UAE gives shelter to more than 200 nationalities. And every individual craves delicious food, no matter what nationality they belong to. Today, the UAE market is impressively booming where the sales of fast-food restaurants are expected to reach 4.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. It simply means that starting a restaurant in the UAE holds endless opportunities.

 Let’s dive in and check a few points you need to keep in mind while incorporating a restaurant in Dubai. 

6 Must-Needed Steps To Open A Restaurant In Dubai 

There are certain steps you need to take while opening a restaurant in Dubai, such as:

1- Have An Approximate Idea Of Setup Cost 

When it comes to incorporating a restaurant across the UAE, it becomes extremely essential to have an idea about your investment. Just jot down the expenses you have to bear beforehand. 

Here are some of the costs you need to keep in mind while starting your restaurant:

1. License fees

2. Rent or expenses of purchasing a new property 

3. Various approval costs 

4. Expenses on staff training programme

5. Insurance fees

6. Capital for working 

7. Infrastructure cost

2-Get The Required Licenses To Open A Restaurant In Dubai 

One of the most essential requirements for starting a restaurant business in the UAE is getting a trading and food license. Let’s know about each of these licenses in detail. 

Trade License

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai is responsible for offering a trade license. All you need to do is to mention the type of restaurant you will be operating. The expenses for acquiring a trade license vary from restaurant to restaurant and can cost up to AED 40000. 

Make sure you are following the below-mentioned steps for getting a trade license:

1. Identify the nature of the business, whether it’s commercial, professional or industrial

2. Determine the number of business activities the company will be performing (maximum limit: 10)

3. Give your enterprise a legal status in the UAE

4. Choose and register a trade name for your company 

5. Application submission for initial approval 

6. Rent a corporate office

7. Prepare all necessary documents

8. Submit a final application to DED for approval

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Food License 

Obtaining a Food License from the Food Safety Department is essential for the further approval of the restaurant construction plan. Here are the required documents you need to present:

1. Trade license’s copy

2. The interior design structure of the building (only if applicable)

Although the aforementioned licenses are the basic license requirements, you might also need the following licenses:

1. License for food consignment release 

2. Pork permit for managing and serving pork products

3. Vehicle permit for the transportation of food products 

4. Liquor License (if applicable)

3-Identify The Restaurant’s Concept And USP

Once you have the documents ready for the various license approvals, another important step is to identify your restaurant’s USP. Make sure you are presenting some uniqueness in your restaurant theme.

Your restaurant with an out-of-the-box theme will play an essential role in attracting more customers. 

4-Choose A Suitable location 

Did you decide on the location of your restaurant? Not yet? Well, make sure you are choosing one wisely. Do proper research before choosing the physical space for your restaurant. Some of the most suitable locations for setting up a restaurant across the emirates are:

1. Jumeirah

2. Emirates Hills

3. Dubai Creek

4. Mall of the Emirates

5. Al Quoz

Still, if you are looking for some other location across the UAE, you can consider the factors like client base, accessibility, affordability, etc. 

5-Craft The Restaurant Menu 

A relevant restaurant menu that drives profit is extremely essential in every restaurant business. Make sure that you are also creating one. Keep your high revenue generating food items at a place that grabs the most attention of the customers. Try drafting tempting menu descriptions. 

Furthermore, always ensure to embrace flexibility when it comes to updating your menu. 

6-Get Construction Approvals 

Did you know? Your dream of opening a restaurant in the Emirates can shatter if you don’t get prior construction approvals from the Food Court department of Dubai. Submit the blueprint of the following details:

1. Space of the restroom 

2. Passage detail for entry and exit 

3. Area of food processing and storage units 

4. Location of equipment used for food processing

Summing it up:

Without a doubt, opening a restaurant in Dubai doesn’t remain a tedious task if you have the right procedures. We hope this article post gave you a rough idea about how to open a restaurant in Dubai. 

Well, Dubai follows a strict food code when it comes to the establishment of restaurants. So, it’s always insightful to seek guidance from business consulting firms. Make sure you are doing it. 

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