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How To Incorporate A Cyber Security Business In Dubai? (5 Hassle Free Steps)

If you’re willing to incorporate a cyber security business in Dubai, then it’s a great move. All you need to do is to follow the right steps to establish it without any hassle. Check out this blog post and know these steps one by one. 

The cyber security market is reaching the heights every day. Why so? Well, with the growing cyber solutions, the chances of unparalleled cyber attacks are just inevitable. NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation) forecasted the value of the global security market to reach 430.46 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. 

Dubai holds a strong reputation when it comes to ensuring cyber security of individuals and businesses. It simply means that this city serves endless scopes for establishing a cyber security entity. 

Let’s dive in and check a few more reasons why starting a cyber security business across the UAE is essential. 

Why Should You Incorporate A Cyber Security Business In Dubai?

Currently, there are over 90% UAE residents who scroll through one thing or the other over the internet. And with the booming usage of new technologies across the internet, such as smart cities, cloud, IoT, and much more increases the need for cyber security. 

Now, when there are so many data vulnerabilities across the web, having an effective data security system also becomes important. It’s possible by taking services from the cyber security firms across the UAE. Scroll down to check the methods for forming a cyber security business in Dubai

5 Hassle Free Steps To Incorporate A Cyber Security Business in Dubai

When you now understand how essential it is to establish a cyber security business in the  UAE, let’s check the steps. 

1- Decide On Your Entity’s Name 

One thing that’s extremely important while starting a cyber security business is to decide its name. You need to be extremely particular about it. There are certain conventions you have to keep in mind while choosing the name of your business. For example, avoid using names which include offensive words. 

2-Identify The Jurisdiction 

Did you identify the jurisdiction for your cyber security business? Well, it’s important to do it as soon as possible. The UAE government offers three economic zones or jurisdiction for incorporating a business in Dubai, such as:

1. Dubai Mainland

2. Free Zone Regions Across The UAE

3. Offshore and Onshore Areas 

You can always identify your jurisdiction according to the business needs and requirements. 

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3-Choose Your Legal Structure 

While establishing a cyber security business in the UAE, choosing a legal structure for the company is a not-to-miss step. Make sure you are doing it. This offers the organisation to handle the losses and profits along with structuring the assets and resources. Getting a cyber security business license is impossible without outlining the legal structure. 

Enlisted below are some of the business layouts and legal forms that are open for registration across the UAE:

1. Free zone company branch

2. Sole establishment

3. Limited liability company (LLC)

4. Local or foreign company branches

4-Submission Of Documents Cyber Security Business Incorporation In Dubai

Setting up a cyber security business and getting a license for it is just like the two wheels of a moving cycle. Both the processes work simultaneously. Still, the approval and paperwork steps have multiple stages. In this case, you can connect with the best-in-class business setup consultants like TVG. 

Let’s check out the required documents for setting up a cyber security firm in Dubai:

1. If you or your partners are employed by a company, you need a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

2. Your office space should have a valid tenancy contract.

3. An attestation of the Memorandum of Association.

4. You need to fill out application forms.

5. Present the copy of your passport 

6. Provide a copy of your Emirates ID

5- Apply For The Visa 

Last but not the least, you need to ensure that you’re applying for the relevant visa. You need to be extremely careful while providing the needed information for visa application procedure. Here are the 4 stages of your UAE visa application process:

1. Getting an entry permit

2. Making changes to the legal status

3. Undergoing the medical screening test 

4. Obtaining stamped visa and acquiring the Emirates ID

Summing it up:

Indeed, establishing your dream cyber security business in Dubai won’t be rocket science if you’re following the aforementioned steps. All you have to do is to ensure that you’re providing the relevant information while filling your visa and business license application forms. 

Are you confused while deciding on the suitable location to incorporate a cyber security business in Dubai? Feel free to call business setup experts in that case. 

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