Unlocking Global Trade: Why the DMCC Free Zone is Ideal for Your Export Business

  • June 27, 2024

DMCC Free Zone is a centre of international trade, business, and commerce with 24,000 enterprises ranging in size from start-ups to multinational conglomerates.

DMCC, founded in 2002 to position Dubai as a hub for entrepreneurship and commodity trading to the Middle East and beyond, has developed into one of the emirate’s most significant economic drivers, accounting for 11% of all foreign direct investment.

The world-class mixed-use buildings Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Uptown Dubai, which house more than 100,000 working professionals, residents, and tourists, are located in DMCC, making it one of the city’s most vibrant and interesting locations.

DMCC voted the world’s best free zone for nine years running, is the place where business is done.

Why Should You Choose DMCC?

DMCC Free Zone

DMCC offers investors in the commodities industry in the United Arab Emirates countless business prospects. It is located in the bustling Jumeirah Lake Towers in the centre of Dubai. Acknowledged as the world’s most prestigious free zone, DMCC features an unmatched combination of state-of-the-art facilities, appealing business and residential properties, and excellent access by road, rail, and air.

The DMCC is a preferred business destination for foreign investors and entrepreneurs because of its simple company formation procedures, quick company registration processes, and bilingual service in Arabic and English.

Through several organisations, including the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), Dubai Pearl Exchange (DPE), DMCC Trade Flow, Dubai Good Delivery Standard (DGD) for Gold, DMCC Tea Center, and DMCC Coffee Center, DMCC actively supports the trading of commodities. A wide range of financial services and investment platforms are also provided by DMCC, such as the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange and DMCC Trade Flow.

Apart from commodities trading, DMCC is the hub for various businesses, including restaurants, retail stores, fitness facilities, universities, IT, advertising, shipping, and luxury goods.

Understanding the nuances of registration, necessary licences, related perks, and the specifics of renewal services is essential as DMCC positions itself as a haven for foreign investors, guaranteeing a profitable and well-informed business venture.

Top 4 Export Opportunities in Dubai

Precious Metals and Stones

Precious stones and metals are one the fastest growing export products in Dubai from 2015 and 2020. Dubai’s gold and diamond trade was valued at (United Arab Emirates Dirham) Dhs 67.1 billion between March and June 2020 and maintained its numbers into 2021.

  • Due to the unique dynamics of the precious stone and metals trade in the nation, three places in Dubai are conducive to the trading of gold and diamonds.
  • Gold, diamonds, and metals are one the fastest-growing industries in Dubai.
  • One of Dubai’s main hubs for the trade in gold and diamonds is Gold and Diamond Park.
  • Because you may sell your precious stones to the general public directly, Dubai Mainland is a popular tourist destination.


Aluminium is greatly used in the automotive industry because it is lightweight and saves fuel thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions concurrently. Reportedly, in 2020 the UAE exported $8 million worth of aluminium. Among the biggest suppliers of aluminium globally is Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) hence they supply it to countries like South Korea, Japan, and America.

Boats and Ships

The majority of enterprises in the world that manufacture boats and ships are based in Dubai. Because sea vessels are used for commerce transportation in addition to being exported, indicating demand, the ship and boat building industry in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most important economic sectors.

Articles Made of Steel and Iron

Iron and steel products accounted for $517 billion, or a large share of the UAE’s non-oil commerce, in 2021. Dubai, being one of the world’s leading producers of steel, can provide iron and steel to nations such as the UK and Japan. In 2020, Dubai sent $300 million worth of iron and steel to the UK alone.

DMCC Free Zone

How Do I Sign Up with the DMCC to Form a Company?

Registration for a DMCC Free Zone can take two to four weeks, depending on the type of business. The legal paperwork of the firm must be signed by the shareholders in person at the authority’s office. To register a company under DMCC, share capital must be deposited into the corporate bank account. Several times a year, The Freezone hosts campaigns where it offers significant savings for the formation of DMCC companies.

What License Do I Need?

DMCC provides a variety of licences based on the type of company activity: Trade, Services, Industrial, and Branch Company licences. Since many activities are governed by third-party agencies, the applicant must get an NOC from external entities to secure the trade permits. Licensing takes two to three business days. A Company License, an authenticated Memorandum of Association (MOA), a Share Certificate, a Registration Certificate, and a Flexi-desk Tenancy Contract will subsequently be issued by DMCC.

A DMCC trade licence is good for a minimum of 12 months. To prevent tariff penalties, permanent licence revocation, refusal to meet the application requirements for DMCC licence renewal, or termination of a company’s license, the license holder must renew the current license at least thirty days before the expiration date.

Trade permits for essential trading operations like gold, precious stones, tea, coffee, agriculture, base metals, cacao, and cryptocurrency-based enterprises are issued by DMCC.

Benefits of establishing a business in DMCC

1. Office supplies:

To accommodate businesses of all sizes and types, DMCC offers a variety of commercial real estate, office buildings, and business centre accommodations for rent, hiring, or lease.

2. Labor Force:

With a thriving community, DMCC provides businesses with a highly cooperative network of contacts, skills, and knowledge to foster expansion.

3. Total foreign ownership

DMCC allows for 100% foreign ownership of all company operations.

4. Commercial Operations:

DMCC offers a wide range of business services, including banking, shipping, and visa processing.

5. Tax benefits

Companies that operate inside the DMCC are not required to pay corporation or personal income taxes.

6. Profit repatriation:

Businesses can repatriate all of their profits with the DMCC.

7. Services offered:

DMCC provides a range of services to firms, such as banking, logistics, and processing visas, which can help them focus on their core competencies and optimise their operations.

8. networking opportunities:

DMCC is a centre for global trade, housing more than 18,000 businesses from more than 170 nations. It produces chances for business networking, which opens up new alliances and commercial ventures.

9. Business ease:

The simple business setup process offered by DMCC makes it simpler for enterprises to launch and operate profitably.


The development of a DMCC firm is a well-defined process that includes everything from selecting the best business activity to creating a strong operational structure. This comprehensive manual outlines the necessary steps, policies, and tasks for a Dubai Multi Commodities Center to be established successfully.

A DMCC business setup could be advantageous for entrepreneurs wishing to get into the vibrant Middle Eastern business landscape. If businesses properly follow the procedures and adhere to the laws, they can grow, innovate, and prosper in this well-known free zone globally.


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