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7 Creative Home-based Business Ideas In Dubai For Ladies

Are you a budding women entrepreneur headhunting some amazing home-based business ideas in Dubai for ladies? Let’s dive in and check out. 

Dubai never leaves anyone disappointed. Even if you are a housewife with a thrifty budget to start a company in Dubai, the options are endless. You just need to have skills that people like and you can turn them into a career option. But why are we saying that you need to start a business in Dubai?

Why Should You Start A Home-based Business in Dubai?

Working from home has its own perks. You don’t have to juggle between your professional and personal life. It’s because while working from home you can save a lot of time and money spent on travelling. 

Especially if you are a housewife who is willing to start a business without disturbing your household work, then you should launch a home-based business. 

But the biggest confusion is the business idea you can pick from. Well, we have a few ideas in mind. You must scroll down and have a look at them. 

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What Are Home-based Business Ideas In Dubai For Ladies You Can Choose From?

There are a plethora of ideas to start a home-based business in Dubai for women. Here are the top 7 ideas for home-based businesses in the UAE you should check out. 

1- Start Selling Handmade Artefacts 

The industry of handmade products is a thriving sector in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And it’s growing impressively in the past few years. So, if you’re good in art and craft, then there is nothing bad in making this skill a career. 

You can sell homemade artefacts like paintings, photo frames, tissue holders, pen holders, etc. Moreover, you can sell hand-crafted articles like pottery, embroidered clothes, woodwork, etc. Just apply for an eCommerce licence and get started. 

2- Go for a Home-cooked Food Startup 

Do you love cooking delicious food? If yes, then you can launch a business of home-cooked food items. For instance, you can bake cakes, bread, and cookies in the beginning and start supplying them to nearby households. 

After embarking on a name in the field of a prominent chef, you can launch more dishes into your business. 

3- Become An Online Teaching Instructor 

Another profitable home-based business idea is to become an online instructor. All that you need is a room and a sound internet connection and you’re all set. Next, choose the subject you are good at and create a website to promote your online teaching business. 

Since over 98% of Dubai’s population are internet users, getting students on the online platforms is easier. Hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai to reach your target audience. 

4- Provide Grooming Services At Home 

The living standard in Dubai is extremely high. And that’s why the residents of Dubai never skip a chance of maintaining their high living standards. When getting groomed regularly is a part of their daily routine, the scopes for professional beauticians and hairdressers automatically increase.  

If you hold a beautician degree or certificate with relevant experience, then start your salon at home. Initially, you can offer services like waxing, hairstyling, upper lips and threading. 

5- Give Wings To Your Freelancing Career 

Launching a freelance business in Dubai is an amazing home-based business option that you must consider. In case you have relevant qualifications and experience in a specific field, get a permit for your freelance business. Some of the booming options to start your freelance business include:

1. Social media marketer

2. Content writer 

3. Niche-specific Blogger 

4. Graphic Designer 

6- Get into Hospitality By Serving Bed And Breakfast Facilities 

One more commendable business opportunity is to incorporate a bed and breakfast business at home. Dubai attracts millions of tourists every year. Thanks to the picturesque places to visit in Dubai that make it possible. 

To begin with, you need to understand the laws and regulations along with the procedures to open your B&B company. 

7- Offer Baby-proofing Consultancy 

Baby-proofing or child-proofing is an essential need of the hour especially in growing nations in Dubai. And being a working professional, checking the activities of their notorious children 24/7 is practically impossible. Here is where you can jump into the profession of babyproofing consultancy. 

The best thing you can do is to use your real-life experiences to help other parents. 

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