A complete Guide to Mainland Business Setup in Dubai 2024

  • May 13, 2024

Are you dreaming of setting up a business in the land of opportunities, sunshine and innovation? Look no further than Dubai, where possibility meets ambitions & dreams come true for everyone. Mainland business setup Dubai offers a prosperous future to promising entrepreneurs and business ventures. Business setup in Dubai mainland provides several benefits to aspiring business owners, like extensive trade, complete control, and flexible site options. For first-time business owners, launching a company in Dubai might be difficult. As a result, we have included a step-by-step tutorial here that will help you establish your company in Mainland Dubai.

Business in dubai mainland

Types of License for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland 

To set up a business in Dubai mainland, It is necessary to own one of the following licenses:

To obtain a Business professional license, you have to ensure that you prove that you have the training and skills that are necessary for this business. This means that this license is particularly for skilled professionals. Hence, with this license they can set up a business in Dubai Mainland.

To conduct business in the UAE, you will require a Commercial  license for the buying and selling of products and raw materials as well as for other kinds of commercial activities. It can also be applied to the founding of a sole proprietorship or LLC. Similarly, it will be necessary for particular corporate endeavors.

If your business plans to engage in manufacturing or other industrial activities in the United Arab Emirates, it will need an Industrial Trade License. Additionally, you will be permitted to do tasks involving the conversion of materials or the inclusion of natural resources with this license.

Documentations & Registration Process

To set up a business in Dubai mainland, It is necessary that these entities issue a license, Including, ministry of interior, telecommunication, local health departments, ministry of economy, insurance activities, etc. 

In order to establish a business in the mainland of Dubai, you must register a business name that accurately describes the kind of operation you plan to conduct. Before it is used officially, the authorities must also give their approval. As a result, in order to use the name, you must confirm that it is not already registered. However, the name under which the business is registered cannot violate morality or public decency. Similarly, you can check if the name is available or not by visiting the Department of Economic Development’s website.

business in dubai

Steps for Business Setup in Dubai Mainland 

The steps involved in Business setup in Dubai requires several steps that require meticulous attention towards details. 

Firstly, It is necessary to identify the business activity you will trade in Dubai. This can be a crucial step as it has a significant impact on the licensing and permission for the business. The selection of a suitable legal structure for the company is significant whether it will be a LLC, partnership or a sole trader. A unique business name is the true essence of your business. Therefore, It should resonate with the purpose of your business. While safeguarding your interest, exports can help you assist with local sponsors. Navigating through lease agreement and understanding the legal framework in Dubai is necessary to start a business in Dubai Mainland. Business setup in Dubai UAE can be complex but rewarding Therefore, It is necessary to ensure that the legal framework requirements are understood. 

Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Mainland Business Setup Dubai provides you with everything you need to expand and be successful in your business, including flexibility and scalability, access to both domestic and foreign markets, a stable business environment, a global talent pool, strategic location, international business opportunities, comprehensive infrastructure, financial services, and growth support. Its advantageous regulatory environment, world-class infrastructure, simplified processes, and strategic location with access to a varied market. The business-friendly atmosphere of the city encourages creativity, teamwork, and expansion, making it a top choice for both new and established businesses.


 Starting a company in Dubai Mainland provides business owners with access to profitable prospects in one of the most vibrant economies on the planet. Businesses can thrive in Dubai’s dynamic business ecosystem by comprehending regulatory requirements, choosing the appropriate corporate structure, and embracing cultural quirks. Even though setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is normally simple, getting expert guidance from organizations that provide these services, like RSN Business Setup Consultants, can help you successfully handle any obstacles that may arise.


1.What are the complexities of business setup in Dubai Mainland?

  • There are several challenges associated with business setup in Dubai Mainland including, language barriers, cultural differences, market competition, etc. 

2.What are the advantages of business setup in Dubai Mainland?

  • Strategic location, diverse market, favorable framework, world class infrastructure are among the major advantages of business setup in Dubai Mainland.

3. What are the types of licenses for business setup in Dubai Mainland?

  • Commercial License, Industrial License and Professional License. 


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