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A Complete Guide to Buying and Selling of Properties in Dubai

Are you thinking of buying or selling a property in Dubai? Then, effective tips for buying or selling your property in Dubai are what you require to assure the steady fulfillment of what can be a difficult procedure.

Whether you want to invest in a property or you want to sell your apartment in Dubai, there are particular steps that you must follow to do so. Go through this article to know how to sell or invest in a property in Dubai.

Real estate property buying guide for Dubai

Here are some crucial steps to consider before buying property in Dubai.

Get your budgets in place

The majority of us are regretful of beginning the investing procedure by searching through properties publicized online to end up frustrated when your preferred property is not affordable.

Remember that the stake is not the just expense that you must think about, such as mortgage insurance fees, mortgage arrangement fees, sales progression fees, agency fees, and transfer fees. So, consider talking to a mortgage consultant to obtain all the required information.

Select a list of essential property traits

Now that you have a capital fixed in your mind for investing in property in Dubai, you can begin to make a chart of must-have estate traits.

It can include parameters like driving distance to your workplace or school, the number of personal rooms required, or whether you want an apartment or a villa. Be ready to settle! It is extremely unusual that an estate will tick each box, so make this chart in order of essentiality.

Sign the MOU or the Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding is the initial stage in the arrangement of a formal deal. It is an invalid contract between the seller and the buyer outlining the details and terms of awareness, including all parties’ responsibilities and requirements.

Your dealer will go through this to assure you are satisfied to go ahead before shifting onto the transfer phase of the deal.

Real estate property selling guide for Dubai

Below are the steps to consider before selling a property in Dubai.

Find a responsible dealer

It is very important for you to find a broker with whom you can build trust, not just an experienced but friendly connection. It is really crucial that you sense you can retain an honest and open discussion with your broker.

The broker will share insight and advice into the Dubai estate market and the region you are trading in. The agent will give you market assessments and provide you with the rates of properties that have been newly traded.

Give your own due effort

Jump on estate outlets and have an actual good look around so that you can distinguish your estate from those that have traded in your region. Maybe it would be effective to look at comparable properties in other regions and understand what clients can obtain for the sale rate you have fixed for your estate.

Market rate records will be delivered to you, so you are informed about what is trading in your region and for what rate.


It is very crucial to declutter your property before the selling procedure starts. Your estate will be professionally snapped, and you prefer this process to be as attractive and clean as possible.

If there is any snagging task to be committed, it is suggested that you finish the job before the dealing of your estate is begun. Opt for an agent that puts a lot of money and time into the dealing of your property in Dubai.


These are the tips to consider before buying or selling your property in Dubai. If you are an international investor or ex-pat thinking of selling or buying real estate in Dubai, it is suggested to have a team of professional legal advisers on your side to assure you are ready for any unforeseen or hidden legal problems in the procedure.

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