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6 Reasons Why Dubai Mainland Business Incorporation Is A Win-Win Game 

If you’re planning for Dubai Mainland business incorporation, it can be a win-win game. And why not? After all, Dubai’s surprising industrial growth isn’t hidden from anyone. It simply implies that Dubai Mainland Company formation is the most preferred option for many investors.  

One reason is the advantage of 100% repatriation of profits and capital gains investors get while doing business in this skyscraper’s city. Eager to know the other reasons? Let’s dive in. 

6 Reasons Why Dubai Mainland Company Formation Is A Win-Win Game 

Your decision makes sense if it’s setting up a company in Dubai Mainland. Want to know why? Check out these below-listed reasons: 

1. Exposure to the local Market Place 

One thing that’s really exciting about Dubai is its local market. It holds a strong place with a plethora of opportunities for business aspirants. No matter which industry you belong to, there are endless scopes for your company to thrive. Here are a few industries that are doing exceptionally well in Dubai today:

1.  Retail 

2. Tourism & Hospitality

3. Hospital & Health Care

4. Marketing & Advertising 

5. Automobiles 

6. Construction

7. Food & Beverages 

8. Education and Consultancy 

9. IT & Softwares 

2. Liberty to Trade Within Dubai and Other Regions in the UAE 

After setting up your company in Dubai Mainland, you can enjoy the freedom of trading with Dubai and other Emirati regions. Thanks to the liberal trading permissions this city grants you. In short, there are no restrictions on legal and legitimate trading activities. 

All you need to do is to connect with the DED(Department of Economic Development) and other government bodies for the completion of legal procedures. Just submit the required documents after placing the request for approval. 

3. Benefit of 100% Business Ownership 

The need for 100% ownership is always a major concern for entrepreneurs and investors whatsoever the business is. Which business owner likes to share his/her equity? It only happens either due to the shortage of funds or strict company laws of the country. 

In Dubai Mainland, at least you don’t have to bother about the company ownership laws. It’s 100% ownership without any need of hiring the local sponsor/UAE national according to the latest amendments. 

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4. Freedom To Bid for Government Projects 

Another good thing about Dubai Mainland company formation is the exposure to investing in lucrative government contracts. In case you win these projects, your reputation in the market will eventually hike. Consequently, it will enhance your credibility in the Emirate’s corporate world. 

Bidding for government projects isn’t possible with Free zone companies despite their favorability for business activities. Additionally, you get to learn a lot from government contracts. 

5. Lenient Tax Laws

Tax laws are the biggest barriers for companies that often stop them from investing in a business. However, the situation is completely different when it comes to carrying out business activities in Dubai Mainland. Well, there isn’t any corporate tax. Yes, you heard it right. 

The maximum you will require to pay will be the VAT and it’s not too pricey. Just 5% on tax-registered businesses. Besides that, the Dubai government is extremely transparent to all businesses. 

6. Access To Unlimited Number Of Visas 

Having access to an unlimited number of visas plays an essential role if you wish to expand your business across the UAE. Unlike free zone businesses, Dubai Mainland businesses get the freedom to apply for multiple visas depending on the company requirements. All in all, the more visas you apply for, the more office space you get to rent. 

This advantage will be helpful for your business in a situation where your employees ask to work remotely. Thus, you can request the MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation) to grant you permission in renting out the extra office space. 

Wrapping it up:

Indeed, incorporating your dream venture into the Dubai Mainland is a lucrative business opportunity you shouldn’t miss at all. You get the exposure to take government projects, enjoy liberal government policies, and 100% ownership more than it. 

Ready for the big move? Connect with the mainland license experts for Dubai Mainland business incorporation today. 

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