5 Most Essential Steps For Getting A Dubai Partner Visa (2022 Tips)

Acquiring a Dubai Partner Visa is like a dream come true especially if you are a budding entrepreneur. And why not? After all, UAE ranks 16th position on the Index of Global Ease of Doing Business. It simply means that doing business in Dubai is just like walking in the park. 

But you can’t start a business in the UAE if you don’t even have a Partner aka an investor visa. Check out this blog post for getting the complete detail on registering for a partner visa aka investor visa in Dubai. 

What are the Required Steps to register for a Dubai Partner Visa? 

Holders of investor visas in the UAE are entitled to a number of exclusive benefits. Therefore, if your business needs fulfil the essential requirements, you should consider applying for a partner visa in the UAE. Please follow the steps below to do so:

1. Submission of visa application 

2. Completion of the request for status change 

3. Go for the mandatory medical examination 

4. Apply for Emirates ID via authentic Typing Centre 

5. Get a stamp on your Partner’s Visa 

Detailed Description of the Required Steps for Getting A Dubai Partner Visa 

Indeed, applying for an investor or partner visa in Dubai involves a particular procedure. Let’s explore the above-mentioned steps for obtaining a partner visa in the UAE if are an entrepreneur: 

Submission of visa application 

If you want to submit the visa application without any mistakes or contradictions, then you should take it to the local typing centre. The experts over there will ensure the error-free filling of your visa application. Moreover, you can apply for a partner/investor visa if the partner owns a minimum of 25% of the venture.

Additionally, you need to keep all the mandatory documents handy for the purpose of identity verification. Once the immigration council approves your request, you need to accept the emailed investor visa application consent. 

Completion of the request for status change 

After the completion of your investor visa UAE application, all you need to do is to change the application status. Here is how:

1. Firstly, wait for some time to receive the approval from the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai) 

2. Secondly, go to the sanctioned typing centre for winding up the changed status of the application. Make sure you received the approval from the GDRFA before following the second step. 

Notably, this process can be a hassle if you miss even a single detail. Thus, we will advise you to seek guidance from visa professionals.  

Go for the mandatory medical examination

In order to apply for an investor visa in the UAE, a medical examination is an obligatory step in the process. First of all, you must complete the medical typing in order to qualify for the examination.

Later on, you can visit the authorised medical centre on the assigned date. Perform the organised medical test by the authority and get an instant result for it. 

Apply for Emirates ID via Authentic Typing Centre

Emirates ID is important for a safe stay in various regions across the United Arab Emirates. So, it’s extremely essential that you are having one. After the completion of the medical typing and health exam, make sure you’re focussing on the Emirate ID typing procedure. 

Various legitimate permits, even the partner visa Dubai needs to be linked to a valid Emirates ID. Moving ahead, you might also need to authorise your fingerprint according to the genre of your application and industry standards.  

Get a stamp on your Partner’s Visa 

Lastly, after winding up all the aforementioned requirements, make sure you get a stamp on your UAE Partner Visa. There are certain officials assigned for this purpose. Go to an authorised location for the commencement of the visa stamping process. 

In the end, the Immigration Department will send you an approval/rejection message to your official mobile number.

Wrapping it up:

Without a doubt, investing in Dubai becomes a smooth process if you have an investor/ partner visa. And after reading this blog post, you can imagine how easy it is to get your Dubai partner visa. 

Although this process is effortless, seeking advice from a professional consultancy firm can make things even easier for you. They will guide you in choosing the suitable type of partner/investor visa Dubai.

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